About me



As an Artist and Printmaker I enjoy exploring our relationship with nature and through my work I try to evoke childhood memories of escaping into the wilderness.

Having completed a degree in Graphic Design, I spent five years working in the printing industry. I knew that my passions lay away from the computer screen so I began exploring other ways to create and design where I felt I was more a part of the process.  I now design and print while enjoying the freedom to explore my own creativity (and get my hands inky!).

I love the process of carving lino prints; the sketching of ideas, the simplification while being driven by the detail it is possible to achieve, leading to piece of work that conveys the feeling in the moment of the photograph or sketch. While I predominantly create lino prints, I also enjoy exploring other print methods and painting using acrylic ink and paint as well.

I have two presses I use to print my work. The first is my sixty-five year old Adana Quarto Flatbed press which is a hand operated press that involves inking up the linocut individually for each print. The quarto, while being a little temperamental, prints my work exactly as I imagine it and the variations only add to the character of my work.

I also have a Rollaco Gem press, an etching press I use to create my more painterly pieces as I am able to use smaller rollers to vary the colours on each pass through the press.

I hope that when you buy something from me you feel you have brought a piece of nature into your home which allows you to reminisce about your adventures outdoors.

Jo x



Printing On the Horizon a lino print by Jo Degenhart

Printing Climbing on Tree Skeletons