Day 23 Crafted Christmas Advent- Candles

Candles JO Degenahrt

Day 23 of the Crafted Christmas Advent is a painting of candles.

I thought I would try painting candles with the idea that I might make a lino print next year. I wanted to draw some ideas for the patterns to see what might work and what would be too complicated.

I painted the yellow background first.

Candle Jo Degenhart paint

Then began to draw patterns in black pen, gradually building up the textures.

Candle Jo Degenhart Black pen

When I had drawn the outline and pattern, I decided to add some green and red.

Candle Jo Degenhart Black pen close

I am please with the study but I am not sure exactly how well it fits in with the other images. I think there is a little too much yellow. It will be helpful when I am trying to design the lino print, although there will have to be some simplifying of the finer detail to allow me to carve the image.

Candles Jo Degenhart

As there are only two days until Christmas, I think candles are a fitting image for today.

One more day of the Crafted Christmas Advent left, where had the time gone?!

Jo x




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