Day 24 Crafted Christmas Advent- Mother and Child


Day 24 of the Crafted Christmas Advent is a lino print of Mary and Jesus which I made into a Christmas card this year.

I think that no matter what your beliefs, the image of a mother and child is relevant to this time of year, representing the love of your family, the new year and new birth.

JoDegenhart Mary and Jesus close

This linocut was fiddly! It was my first attempt at faces and it took a few goes to make the faces recognisable as faces. I put the linocut inside a the circle I often use on my decorations and printed the green stars around it on my Adana press. They printed really nicely and I was happy with the finished card.

JoDegenhart Mary and Jesus four

This is my final post for the Crafted Christmas Advent and I wanted to say a huge thank you for all the support through the advent. I have enjoyed it enormously and I hope you feel like you have got to know me a little better.

As I have mentioned, I have plans in the new year for more artwork so the crafting will take a bit of a back seat for a while. I hope you continue to follow my progress and look forward to hearing your opinions.

If you are feeling sad it is over, tomorrow I will post a montage of all the days of the advent.

Thank you again

Jo x

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