Day 5 Crafted Christmas Advent- Forest at Night Linoprint


Day 5 of the Crafted Christmas Advent is a Forest at Night lino print.

I decided to print this forest image differently to the way I normally design my lino prints. Rather than creating a separate plate for each colour, I made six small lino cuts using softcut to make a spiral moon and five trees using a different texture or pattern for each tree.

Forrest Jo Degenhart Linocuts

After I had printed the moon, I used the other five to create a layered image of a forest on a moonlit night, overlapping the stamps as I went.  I used four colours;

Forrest Jo Degenhart Moon

White for the moon,

Forrest Jo Degenhart Light Green2

Turquoise for the background,

Forrest Jo Degenhart Green2

Green for the middleground, and a deep green for the foreground.

I am quite pleased with the effect and may try to use the lino cuts to create a limited edition print in the new year.

Here is the full image.

Nighttime forest Jo Degenhart 1


I hope you are enjoying the Crafted Christmas Advent, there will be another lino cut featured tomorrow and more patterns next week.

Jo x

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  1. Love this and thank you for the details of how you created it!five