Why is buying original art important?
What is a printmaker?
What is a linoprint?
What is an original print?
How can I frame my art?
What delivery do you offer?

Why is buying original art important?

We spend a lot of time with the art we choose for our walls. Even if you simply have a brightly coloured reproduction print that goes with your curtains, you see it every day and it has an impact on how you feel when you are in your home. 

There are lots of reasons people choose art; a memory or feeling  it stirs, budget or simply because the colours match your interiors. When you are choosing what to hang in your home, it is worth considering choosing an original piece of art. 

By making this choice, you are not only furnishing your home with a beautifully crafted original work of art and supporting an artist, you are creating a unique and personal space that speaks of who you are.  The beauty of original art you have chosen will make every day a little better as you walk past on your way through life. 

What is a printmaker?

A printmaker is someone who creates art by making original prints. There are many forms of printmaking;

Relief print where a design is carved into a surface and an imprint is taken from the raised surfaces eg. linoprint and woodblock

Intaglio where a design is the ink is rubbed into groves on a sheet of metal, card or plastic and an imprint is taken from the recessed design eg etching, engraving or collagraph.

Screen printing where ink is pushed through a mesh framed using wood or metal to create a print on many different surfaces. 

Lithography where tusche (a greasy crayon or ink) is used on a polished limestone and ink adheres to the tusche an imprint is taken using a special lithography press.

Monoprint where a single, unique print is created by taking an imprint from a reusable block or matrix and Monotype were a single, unrepeatable print is taken eg. jelly prints.  

What is a lino print?

A lino print is a type of relief print, where a design is carved out of a sheet of linoleum and the remaining raised surfaces are inked using a brayer or roller and an imprint is taken normally onto paper. 

Linoleum was designed in the 1800s and because if its affordability and ease of use due to a lack of wood grain,  was used as an alternative to woodcut. It was made popular by Picasso and Matise in the 1950s and is often used in schools and colleges as an introduction to printmaking. 

What is an original print?

The term ‘original print’ is a confusing one because we have come to use the word ‘print’ as a reproduction copy of an original piece of art such as a painting. 

When talking about a reproduction print, the original art may be a painting the artist has created. That painting is then photographed and printed onto paper (often by a third party like a printing company) to allow a more affordable version of the original art. 

With an original artist’s print, the print IS the original art, every aspect of the process of printing has been touched by the artist’s hand. 

I create lino prints, which means I draw a design onto the lino, carve the design, mix the inks, roll the ink onto the lino, turn the press handle and sign the prints myself. Each limited edition lino print is an original piece of art in it’s own right. 

How can I frame my art?

I offer mounts for my lino prints at an extra charge. This means your original art is ready to be put in the frame of your choice after you receive it. 

It is expensive to post framed art but if you would like to discuss this option, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

What Delivery do you offer?

For greeting card orders First class Royal Mail

For lino prints and original prints Signed for First Class Royal Mail