Journaling During a Pandemic

I have started this post a number of times.

How do you begin to talk about what has happened in our lives since the lock down began in March 2020?

Watching everyone’s plans, hopes and expectations change so dramatically. Loosing loved ones and seeing the people we love stretched to the very limits of what they can manage physically and mentally. From the small and unimportant like holidays and family celebrations to the larger, life changing, heart wrenching losses, it really has been hard to see the positives when we have lost so much.

As always, I turned to art for comfort. I bought a new A5 sketchbook to use for outdoor sketching along with some new woodless water colour pencils but as I was indoors, started journaling instead.

If I am honest with you, journaling has always seem a twee to me and perhaps a little self indulgent. I thought it would make me feel self-conscious but I really enjoyed it! I set about recording how I felt with long ranty messages about the things I missed, doodling to keep my mind busy, mark making, using colours, paints, pencils, pens, sticking things in and drawing over them.

It helped.

I really would recomend it if ever you are struggling with the load you are carrying. Whether you are arty or not, there are so many ways to journal. It made me feel more in control and more at peace and I was certainly a nicer person to be stuck in the house with after I started doing it.

So if you are struggling, and lets be honest, who is not then start writing, sketching drawing sticking and find a new way to deal with the overwhelming weight of feelings.

Jo x

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