Spring Daffodil Lino Print

Spring Daffodil by Jo Degenhart

I decided to produce two spring flower prints to celebrate my two favourite flowers at this time of year. I love spring bulbs, the first colour to burst though the ground after months of grey and brown, a surge of colour that signals the lighter nights and brighter days.

I started with daffodils, three star shaped flowers amidst a sea of waving leaves.

This was the first larger lino print I have printed on my press so I chose a paper made by Somerset, a mould-made 300gm paper made of 100% cotton rag which feels beautiful and is a lovely creamy colour.

Daffodil Drawing

I transferred the leaves from the pencil drawing on to the softcut lino and printed them in a fresh green.

Daffodil green plate

Unfortunately, I could not get the impression I wanted on my little tabletop Adana press. As my press is hand operated I cannot achieve a huge amount of pressure on it for prints, and while I love printing on the Somerset paper, it has been very ink thirsty especially as it has a texture. The photo below was after a number of re-inkings and it was still light in the middle.

Spring daffodil first green

I decided I would change the design of the leaves and stalks to a simple outline rather than a solid and was able to get a much better print.

spring daffodil second green plate drying

Next came the yellow flowers. I used another softcut lino to print the background of the flower design in a warm yellow colour.

Spring Daffodil yellow plate

I printed the flower heads as a reduction print. Using the same lino cut I cut away parts of the softcut to create the outline of the daffodils which I then printed in orange. This is slightly nerve wracking as it ment I could not go back to print any more, making the limited edition truly limited to the number I printed correctly the first time.

Daffodil lino cut

Spring Daffodil orange plate

Spring Daffodil prints drying

This is the final print which I called ‘Spring Daffodils’, a signed limited edition of 10.

Spring Daffodil by Jo Degenhart

Jo xxx



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