Studio Diary- January 2017

My lino printing desk by Jo Degenhart

I thought that I would try and keep a bit of a diary on my blog of the work I am working on and completing every month. I think it would be helpful to me and (hopefully) interesting to others, I know that I enjoy having a peak into other people’s processes and work.

This January I have worked on a number of acrylic paintings, all based on memories from holidays with my children. I love our UK holidays and enjoy reliving the moments as I paint them. Here are some of the paintings I finished this month and towards the end of last year.

A Cloudy Day on Harlech Beach by Jo Degenhart

Jumping the Waves Together by Jo Degenhart

The Wind at Harlech Beach by Jo Degenhart

These paintings are of Harlech Beach in North Wales. We have spend many days on this beach in all sorts of weather from blistering sun to driving wind but the kids have loved every moment. These paintings are all 12 x 10″.

Sisters walking in the Woods by Jo Degenhart

Digging in the leaves by Jo Degenhart

These two paintings are from adventures in local woodlands. There is something magical in the woods and sticks are an essential part of the journey.

Posie of Flowers by Jo Degenhart

Red Wellies in the leaves by Jo Degenhart

Now these closer picture are part of a little experiment with me trying to work on detail while trying to keep the brush strokes free. I think it is something I need much more practice with but who knows I might be super brave and try faces next month…


I also began work on a number of lino prints based on drawing I did for last year’s 28 Drawings Later Challenge. I really enjoy taking part in this challenge in February and I am planing to start on the 1st February again this year. I find the drawings I do are an inspiration to me through the year when, especially when I reach a point when I have finished a piece of work and feel a little lost. Last year I used pieces of paper to do single drawings but this year I want to create sketchpad spreads each day that I can look back on through the year.

Linoprint colour separations by Jo Degenhart

My lino printing desk by Jo Degenhart

The lino print designs changed slightly as I used tracing paper to create the different colours and I hope to show you the finished prints next month. You will be able to have a sneak preview if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram though!

If you would like to follow or take part in the 28 Drawing later then take a look at their Facebook page.


Jo x



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