Studio Diary- January

Sea Breeze lino print by Jo Degenhart

I always find January a tricky time of year to get going. It seems such a long time since I worked and while the time spent with family and friends over Christmas is lovely, it leave me in a state of limbo which inevitably leads to inaction.

I took part in ACEOs and Tiny Art Club‘s January Market which helped motivate me to start. I created two ACEOs, one of two Barn Owls and the other of two Jackdaws. I did not know that both these birds mate for life and reading about how romantic the owls are, giving gifts and looking after each other really inspired me. I hope I gave each bird a little personality of their own!

Barn Owls lino print by Jo Degenhart Jackdaws lino print by Jo Degenhart

I have had terrible trouble getting prints to dry this month. I am not sure if it is the paper or the black ink (I have had problems when using black before) but it was incredibly frustrating. I missed being able to take part in Showcase Handmade UK this month after a number of disasters from stubbornly wet ink to my stretched paintings tearing in two as I tried to dry the ink in a rush.

I used the ink heavily on this lino print so I think that was part of the problem. I really enjoyed adding the white to create sea spray blowing in the wind.

I have been exploring more with acrylic inks this month and I am taking part in 28 Drawings Later on facebook which I am really enjoying so far. I look forward to sharing it with you at the end of February.

Jo x

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