Studio Diary – March 2017

This month I have really got going with my new press! I have been carving furiously and experimenting to create a number of lino prints, learning a lot along the way.

The first linocut I printed on it was ‘Sea Foam’ using my new narrow rollers to create multiple colours on a single linocut. This is not possible on my Adana and it was something I have wanted to try for ages. I was really pleased with the result even if the sea ended up a little green.

Sea Foam a lino print by Jo Degenhart

I always have terrible trouble lining up my colours properly so tried this way of using paper and tape to line up the prints in Simon Ripley’s great video by Double Elephant Print. Their videos are really helpful and worth a look.

I tried experimenting on ‘A Walk to Dunstanburgh Castle’ by cutting out areas of the softcut lino that I could ink separately and then slot back into the whole. I am going to write a separate post about how I did this but I was pleased how the reduction print worked so I will experiment with it again.

A Walk to Dunstanburgh Castle lino cut by Jo Degenhart

'A Walk to Dunstanburgh Castle' by Jo Degenhart

I have recently become a member of Showcase Handmade UK on facebook and entered a piece of work into a showcase themed with Hans Christian Anderson. The subject was a little out of my comfort zone but I entered ‘Sea Foam’ (from The Little Mermaid), ‘Oak Tree’ (from The Last Dream of the Old Oak Tree) and designed ‘Moonlight’ (from What the Moon Saw) especially. It is quite fun to do these challenges and they definitely encourage me to experiment.

My original plan did not work and I really struggled to get a good print, or at least get it printed how I wanted it. Not to be discouraged, I tried to fix the unevenness by cutting another linocut of trees surrounding the girl.

Moonlight a lino print by Jo Degenhart

I really liked the design but decided to abandon the first attempt and reprint on a smoother paper. I am pleased with the resulting lino print and I am thinking of creating a few more prints along the same lines.

Moonlight a lino print by Jo Degenhart

I have also been experimenting with acrylic ink, creating some seascapes. I originally created them as a way to design some lino cuts for seascapes but they have become rather addictive. I still plan to base a larger reduction lino print on them but I plan to experiment a bit more with the ink too.

Flight, Acrylic Ink by Jo Degenhart

Experiment in seascape using Acrylic Ink by Jo Degenhart

Experiment in seascape using Acrylic Ink by Jo Degenhart

This last one was my Mother’s Day card for my Mum.

Next month I will be sharing some tiny AECO prints I am designing based on wildflowers.

Jo x





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