Studio Diary- May/June 2017

Printing Climbing on Tree Skeletons

I decided to combine May and June’s Studio Diaries as they seem to have sped by and melded into one for me this year!

May was spent finishing off the Spring wildflower prints by printing a composite of all 12 flowers. I have not managed to get it into the shop yet as I have been looking into ways of posting larger prints safely but hope to get them up soon.

Spring Wildflower Composite by Jo Degenhart

I also carried out a number of personal projects that I had planned for my own house.

Acrylic Ink Seascape by Jo Degenhart Acrylic Ink Seascape by Jo Degenhart

Two slightly abstract seascapes using Acrylic Ink, creating swirling shapes then adding detail with white when it had dried. I had painting a number of pieces like this for my February Drawing Challenge to explore mark making for printing but I really enjoyed creating them so decided to look further into it.

Large canvas of Harlech Beach by Jo Degenhart

I also painted a huge canvas using acrylic paint (1.5m x 1m). I have never painted a canvas as I usually use stretched paper and I had great fun being much more free with the paint. I used a sponge to get the colours on at first , got really messy and had a great time. I would really recommend it!


June was a super busy month while I was tried to complete  two larger lino prints. I really struggled with one of the designs and by the end of it wished I could go back to the start and do it again, knowing what I know. I suppose that is just part of the learning process in printing, but it was frustrating.

Tree Skeleton drawings for lino print by Jo Degenhart Sketch book for Tree Skeletons by Jo Degenhart

Printing Climbing on Tree Skeletons


Climbing on Tree Skeletons a lino print by Jo Degenhart

That said I am pleased with the end result.

I also made this lino print, called On the Horizon, passing it through the press twice and using narrow rollers to create a variation to the colours on each pass. They were both reduction prints so what is done is done!

Printing On the Horizon a lino print by Jo Degenhart

On the Horizon a lino print by Jo Degenhart

Next month I am looking forward to creating some more tree skeleton prints.

Jo x



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