Studio Diary

Escape Series

During the countrywide lockdown which our country went through from the end of March, the one thing I missed the most was the open spaces that were so limited in our single bout of daily exercise,. Walking in the local park definitely helped but the restrictions weighed heavy and while I watched others use their Read More

Journaling During a Pandemic

If I am honest with you, journaling has always seem a twee to me and perhaps a little self indulgent. I thought it would make me feel self-conscious but I really enjoyed it! I set about recording how I felt with long ranty messages about the things I missed, doodling to keep my mind busy, mark making, using colours, paints, pencils, pens, sticking things in and drawing over them. Read More

Studio Diary- January

I always find January a tricky time of year to get going. It seems such a long time since I worked and while the time spent with family and friends over Christmas is lovely, it leave me in a state of limbo which inevitably leads to inaction. I took part in ACEOs and Tiny Art Read More

Studio Diary-Summer/Autumn 2017

Hmm, so the last few months have been pretty busy and I have not managed to make time for my blog. I have missed writing it so I thought I could spend the next few weeks catching you up on what I have been up to, starting with the work I have created. When visiting the Read More

30 Days Wild

In May I found out about 30 Days Wild which is a challenge organised by The Wildlife Trust that runs through June and attempts to get people engaged with nature, learn lots and get excited by what is around them. As my work is inspired by being outdoors, it seemed to be a brilliant way Read More

Studio Diary- May/June 2017

I decided to combine May and June’s Studio Diaries as they seem to have sped by and melded into one for me this year! May was spent finishing off the Spring wildflower prints by printing a composite of all 12 flowers. I have not managed to get it into the shop yet as I have Read More

Studio Diary- April 2017

April was all about the Wildflowers when I became part of a little group Facebook called ACEOs and Tiny Art Club and planned, carved and printed a series of ACEOs for an online sale. They are a talented group of Artists so it was a little intimidating, to say the least. For those of you who do Read More

Studio Diary – March 2017

This month I have really got going with my new press! I have been carving furiously and experimenting to create a number of lino prints, learning a lot along the way. The first linocut I printed on it was ‘Sea Foam’ using my new narrow rollers to create multiple colours on a single linocut. This is not possible on Read More

Studio Diary- February 2017

I love keeping a sketchbook but sometimes when I am juggling so many things it is one of the first things to be dropped from the long list of things to be done. Last year I took part in two drawing challenges; 28 Drawings Later Challenge in February and Inktober in October. In both challenges Read More

New Rollaco Press

Well, this Rollaco Gem Press is the latest addition to my little studio. I have had a little play and am planning some designs to print on it which I will show you soon but I thought it would be good to introduce you first. Being six foot tall, I asked the maker John Pears to Read More