Studio Diary

Studio Diary- January 2017

I thought that I would try and keep a bit of a diary on my blog of the work I am working on and completing every month. I think it would be helpful to me and (hopefully) interesting to others, I know that I enjoy having a peak into other people’s processes and work. This Read More

Taking part in #Marchmeetthemaker

  After completing  my month of drawing in February, I leapt straight into #marchmeetthemaker. For those of you that have not heard of this challenge it was organised by illustrator Joanne Hawker and was a list of prompts to be used on instagram and other social media to help your followers get to know you. I Read More

Week 4 of the 28 Drawings Later Challenge

This is the final week of the 28 Drawings Later Challenge that ran through February and as it was a leap year, there are 8 pictures this week. Day 22- In the Stream This picture was inspired by the same trip to the river as day ….. I wanted to look at the pictures I Read More

Week 3 of the 28 Drawings Later Challenge

Here are the pictures from the third week of the 28 Drawings later challenge that runs through February. Day 15- In the sand dunes This was a gorgeous day on Harlech beach in north Wales. We had so much fun there running down the slopes then clambering up again, our feet sinking into the sand Read More

Week 2 of the 28 Drawings Later Challenge

Here are the pictures from the second week of the February drawing challenge. Day 8 A younger looking, weird eyed me Faces are such a challenge to me but there is nothing for it but to face my own fears. Hardest part of this drawing was to stare at my face in the mirror. I need Read More

Spring Snowdrops Linoprint

For my second spring flower print I decided to chose Snowdrops. I love these little white flowers popping up in spring, these ones were drawn from picture I took at a garden near my Nan’s house. There were so many snowdrops growing there and we even saw a group planted in a heart shape. After trying a reduction Read More

Spring Daffodil Lino Print

I decided to produce two spring flower prints to celebrate my two favourite flowers at this time of year. I love spring bulbs, the first colour to burst though the ground after months of grey and brown, a surge of colour that signals the lighter nights and brighter days. I started with daffodils, three star shaped Read More