Week 1 of the 28 Drawings Later Challenge

I heard about the 28 Drawing Later Challenge from the very talented artist Rona Innes when I was looking for motivation to draw more and perhaps develop the sort of art I would like to create. It is a challenge which runs through February where you draw every day then share your work on their facebook page. I have completed the first week and have thoroughly enjoyed it and have loved seeing all the amazing drawings people have been doing.

As I want to develop my skills with drawing people I have added my own condition that every drawing has to include a person. This is hard as I normally avoid drawing people, their shapes are so familiar to us that I always struggle to capture them how I want to. As this challenge is public, I have been sharing them onto the board and everyone can see the good, the bad and the ugly!

It has already helped me enormously and I feel very inspired for future linocuts with perhaps a better idea of where I am heading.

This is the first week of the challenge, most of the photos are taken at night so the images are not in the best light but i decided to include the images I posted onto the 28 Drawing Later Challenge page so that you can share them as it happened.

Day 1 Watching the Perseid Shower

We watched the shower in North Wales last summer on our family holiday. The sky was so clear and the stars so bright, it was magical.

Day 1 Watching the Perseid Meteor Shower

Day 2 A Walk in the Snow

This was on our way to school where we walk on a path that runs along the railway line. It was a snowy day and we were all wrapped up, the kids were so excited, skipping along for a change.

Day 2 A Walk in the Snow by Jo Degenhart

Day 3 A profile

Faces. Not my strength. I am trying to find the minimum lines so that I can perhaps use them in my linocuts.

Day 3 A Profile by Jo Degenhart

Day 4 Leaf Jumping

This is my niece jumping in leaves at my Nan’s house. Her hair is beautiful, so long, curly and blond and when she jumped it rose in the air like a firework.

Day 4 Leaf Jumping by Jo Degenhart

Day 5 The Devourer

Legs or head, what do you eat first?

Day 5 The Devourer by Jo Degenhart

Day 6 Rainy Walk

On the way home from school in the rain, walking along the canal path.

Day 1 Watching the Perseid Meteor Shower

Day 7 My Kite

This is another one from our Wales holiday, flying kites on an cold windy beach enjoying the Welsh summer weather!

Day 7 My Kite by Jo Degenhart

So that is the first week of the 28 Drawing later challenge, I am really enjoying it and looking forward to another week.


Jo xxx


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