Week 2 of the 28 Drawings Later Challenge

Here are the pictures from the second week of the February drawing challenge.

Day 8 A younger looking, weird eyed me

Faces are such a challenge to me but there is nothing for it but to face my own fears. Hardest part of this drawing was to stare at my face in the mirror. I need to work on eyes.

Self portrait by Jo Degenhart

Day 9 A walk in the woods

This was a walk through a small wood near us. We were on the way home and the kids had all found their own pace wandering though  the trees, enjoying the peace. I am currently making a linocut of this design.

A walk in the woods by Jo Degenhart

Day 10 Traveling upstream

We went paddling in a stream that ran through a campsite on holiday. This was the lead up to the base of the waterfall where the river got deeper. The day was hot but the water, shaded by the trees, was freezing.  I really struggled with the legs and got the proportions all wrong.

Travelling upstream by Jo Degenhart

Day 11 Up a tree

Tried to just concentrate on the the figure rather than being distracted by the background.

Up a tree by JoDegenhart

Day 12 A spring walk

I had another go at using things in the foreground and then a scene in the background here. This will hopefully become a lino print.

A Spring walk by Jo Degenhart

Day 13 Cowparsley

This was a really quick sketch of the cowparsley down by the canal near us.


Day 14 A rainy bridge

We went on a very rainy walk to a national trust house and my daughter danced in the rain on top of a small bridge. We were drenched by the time we got back to the car.


I am finding it a little hard to share some of the drawings but I am trying to keep at it. I definitely think it is helping me to draw more but sometimes I would rather keep the ones I am less proud of to myself! I suppose that is what the challenge is all about though.


Jo x

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