Week 3 of the 28 Drawings Later Challenge

Here are the pictures from the third week of the 28 Drawings later challenge that runs through February.

Day 15- In the sand dunes

This was a gorgeous day on Harlech beach in north Wales. We had so much fun there running down the slopes then clambering up again, our feet sinking into the sand as we went.  I really love sand dunes. They seem to have everything all in one place, all those blues from the sea and sky then the expanses of greens and yellows through the dunes not to mention all the wildlife.

Day 15- In the sand dunes by Jo Degenhart

Day 16- Near the cow and calf

We had a lovely afternoon climbing up the winding paths and over the rocks near the Cow and Calf  rocks. I remember going when I was little and it was lovely to show it to my children all the views and secret paths.

Day 16 Near the cow and calf by Jo Degenhart

Day 17- Frosty run

The trees on the other side of the canal on our way to school create beautiful silhouettes against the very blue skies when it is frost in the morning. The kids sometimes drag their feet on the way to school but on other days there is a spring in their step as they run most of the way.

Day 17 Frosty run by Jo Degenhart

Day 18- Leaning on trees

This was taken in the garden at Dunham Massey. I was not happy with this piece. I am really finding a style of drawing that feels like the direction I want to go in but this does not really tie in with that. I like the fact that in the pictures that have no faces it is easier to reminisce about how that picture relates to you. Here is is about a single girl looking at you (not to mention I managed to make an eight year old look about 16!).

Day 18 Leaning on trees by Jo Degenhart

Day 19- Windy Beach walk

Another beautiful summers day on Harlech beach. The kids never care how bad the weather is, they are happy to play while we brace ourselves against the wind.

Day 19 Windy beach walk by Jo Degenhart

Day 20- Dark woods

We had a lovely walk in the woodland park and unwittingly wandered onto the black mountain bike run. A poor cyclist met us half way and warned us of the other cyclists about to speed down the slope.

Day 20 Dark woods by Jo Degenhart

Day 21- Rock pooling

Llandanwg beach is the perfect mix of sand, rock pooling, huge rocks to climb on and shells and stones to collect.

Day 21 Rock pooling by Jo Degenhart

I decided to add colour to this weeks drawings but I think sometimes I got a bit carried away and lost what I was trying to focus on. Next week minimum colour.


Jo xxx

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