Week 4 of the 28 Drawings Later Challenge

This is the final week of the 28 Drawings Later Challenge that ran through February and as it was a leap year, there are 8 pictures this week.

Day 22- In the Stream

This picture was inspired by the same trip to the river as day ….. I wanted to look at the pictures I had been drawing using a very limited pallet of colour. With this one I played a bit with the perspecive which I quite like . My daughter did not agree and could not understand why she was floating on top of the water!

Day 22 In the stream by Jo Degenhart

Day 23- Climbing on a fallen log

This is another one from Dunham Massey. I really do love the park and gardens there. Felled trees are left in the park and provide home to all manner of creatures as well as a playground for children. We have spend many hours watching the kids play amoung the trees, lost in another world.

Day 23 Climbing on a fallen log by Jo Degenhart

Day 24- Jumping on the waves

This picture was from a trip to Harlech beach where we were lucky with the weather and got to take our wellies off!

Day 24 Jumping the waves by Jo Degenhart

Day 25 Making a den

We were visiting a large amusement park in North Wales and after exhausting ourselves on the rides, we went on a walk in the woods and found stacks of logs to make a den. It was so much fun and felt so far away from all the hustle and bustle of the park.

Day 22 In the Stream by Jo Degenhart

Day 26- Digging on the beach

The kids playing on Harlech beach. Hands! Hands are so hard. Must practice hands.

Day 26 Digging on the beach by Jo Degenhart

Day 27- Rainy gardens

This was a trip to a beautifully wild garden in Northumbria. It rained the whole time we were there and the plants and trees were so huge it felt like we were in another world. Another world with an amazing tea room.

Day 27 Rainy gardens by Jo Degenhart

Day 28- Sisters

This stream was at the end of the garden in a cottage we rented in Wales. The kids were so desperate to paddle in the river that they went out in the rain to spash about.

Day 28 Sisters by Jo Degenhart

Day 29- Finding the way

This was inspired by our first foray into geocaching in a forest park. It all started so well with lots of excitement but by the end it was all blisters, piggy-backs and moaning. I think we put the kids off geocaching forever!

Day 29 Finding the way by Jo Degenhart

I have enjoyed doing the challenge so much. I have been so surprised by how my drawings have developed through the 29 days and feel very excited about how I can transfer that over to my printmaking. I wanted to improve my people drawing skills and I think they have definitely got a little better even if I still need to work on hands and faces. It was so interesting to watch the drawings that people created and how their journey through the 28 drawing later challenge progressed.


I hope you have enjoyed learning a little more about my inspiration for each drawing and please take a look back to see how I get on making some of the drawings into lino prints.
Jo x

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